2011 Emily Carr Exhibition Catalogue

The 2011 Emily Carr Graduation Exhibition Catalogue was a group project initiated by fourteen graduating design students. Our group members were Alan Tom, Alvin Kwan, Jen Cook, Jennifer Greenhorn, Kirsty Tsang, Nireesha Prakash, Robin Oshiro, Sam Dal Monte, Shannon Craver, Vince Lo, Yuriy Rzhemovskiy.

We began the project by brainstorming and identifying a meaningful concept that reflected the anticipation felt by graduates in all faculties. Our team decided to focus on the concept of "the verge"—communicating the excitement and anticipation of the moment before graduation/completion.

This concept took the visual form of objects and paint hanging in the air to reflect the idea of the short moment before an occurrence.

Taking the final concept and visual language, our team took on different roles we carry the branding through to various deliverables.

The final deliverables included a printed catalogue, web catalogue, various promotional material, and exhibition signage.

Special thanks to David Ayre, Jeff Werner, Dave Humphrey, Justin Alm and David MacWilliams.